Where There's A Will

Where There's A Will


Verse 1.

They paint a dark picture - they say it can't be done

The competition is stiff - the course is long and hard in the race that you must run

And you're a real long shot - born on the wrong side of the tracks

They put you down when you're not around - they laugh behind your back


Verse 2.

Now you may stumble and fall - you might make a few mistakes

Don't be discouraged get back up on your feet - you got just what it takes

Make no excuse - make no apologies                                

Don't yourself short don't take no for an answer - strength of mind is what you need



Fix your eyes on the goal - pursue your dreams with determination

Remember faith and perseverance - is the winning combination

Fight with all your might - work sacrifice and pray

Don't give up - where there's a will there is a way


Verse 3.

In the heat of the battle - when the going gets tough

When you're hopelessly outnumbered back's against the wall - don't say enough's  enough

Don't back down - don't succumb to defeat

Stick to your guns surrender no ground - soon victory will be sweet


Words and Music by: Anne E. Kachline

Copyright 1995

From the album "Wolves" by X-TERRA


Anne's thoughts on the song:

Where there's a will there's a way. With faith and perseverance and hard work we can achieve our goals.    

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