by: Anne Kachline and Town Cryer

Solo CD. “Winter” by Anne Kachline and Town Cryer is a nine song recording which featuring  X-TERRA's founding member and bass player along with X-TERRA"s singer/guitarist Bill Hunt, drummer Bob Kachline, and special guest Lorrie Raemsch of Faithful Messenger. “Winter” is  available through CD Baby: or may be purchased directly through this website. Also available for download through Spotify and most streaming services. 

1. Forewarned Is Forearmed

2. He Who Has Ears Let Him Hear

3. Flight Is Not In Winter

4. The Storm

5. Firestorm

6. Iniquity Abounds

7. Save Us Lord

8. The Vulture Gather

9. Ark Of Safety


God Don't Make Junk

X-TERRA's eighth full length CD. Available through our website, CD Baby: and most streaming services contains the following songs:

  1. I'm Back
  2. Alone In The Night
  3. God Don't Make Junk 
  4. Fly High
  5. Family We Deserve
  6. Throwaway World
  7. Reap Sow
  8. Sinner's Prayer
  9. Some Things Never Change
  10. Crosses In The Sand
  11. The Battle
  12. Forgive Us All

From The Vault

X-TERRA's seventh full length CD. This recording contains songs previously available on cassette only plus several new songs.

1.Who Said

2. Ready Or Not

3. Love Is Cruel

4. The Lord Is My Shepherd

5. Warrior

6. Father's House

7. Keep The Lightning

8. Smile For Me

9. The Gadarene

10. Tower Of Babel

11. For The Want Of A Nail


X-TERRA's sixth CD.  This recording contains the often requested songs “X-NIHILO” and “Alone In The Night ”.


2. I Will Survive

3. Don't Knock The Rock

4. Purchased In Blood

5. Feather Tank

6. Who You Step On

7. The Runaway

8. You Are The Reason

9. Music Is The Only Drug You'll Ever Need

10. Don't Give Up

11. This World

12. Dear Lord

13. Hello

14. X-NIHILO - Reprise




Our latest release "Live 35" is now available for download through "CD or most other digital streaming outlets.


Buy our CD. "God Don't Make Junk" which contains the much requested song  "Throwaway World" from our first out of print EP. through CD Baby