Some Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change

Verse 1.

Last night I had a dream about my childhood home

The town where I grew up and the friends that I had known

The old familiar places in my neighborhood

The kind and gentle faces from a time when life was good

As these cherished memories danced across my wondering mind

I decided to go back see what I'd find what I'd find


So as the sun came up I journeyed back to my hometown

And drove the narrow streets to take a look around

It all seemed strange and different no it wasn't quite the same

It's not how I remembered it at all so many things had changed

Verse 2.

The school house was abandoned in a state of disrepair

The dance hall was all boarded up the five and dime not there

The diner and the corner store and skating rink were gone

The movie palace in ruins it seemed life had just moved on

What started as a pleasant dream my trip down memory lane

Became a living nightmare of dark despair sorrow and pain


Bittersweet the journey back to my old stomping grounds

Sites once dear to me were now abandoned or torn down

It's all so strange and different it was so hard to explain

It seemed more like a ghost town to me so many things had changed

Verse 3.

Alone I walked for hours thinking of the good old days

Then sat and rested in the park where as a child I used to play

Then somewhere in the distance I heard the school bell ring

As children laughed and sang the songs which as a child I used to sing

And as I raised my head I saw a long forgotten sight

The church steeple standing tall and bright in golden light


So as the sun was going down over my home town

I gave thanks to God above for this timeless truth I found

You can't stop time and tide no nothing man makes stays the same

But that which is eternal now I see forever will remain


Then as I turned to leave I recognized the smiling face

Of a dear old family friend we shook hands and then embraced

And in that crystal moment tears of joy filled my eyes

This precious gem of wisdom I finally realized


The sun comes up the sun goes down the circle never ends

Ageless are the bonds of faith family and friends

All we see will crumble into dust and fade away

But faith hope and the love we feel inside forever will remain

Some things will never change

Words by:

Anne E. Kachline

Music by:

Bill Hunt

Copyright 2013

This is a song that I wrote the music and Anne wrote the lyrics.

I had recently driven through my hometown of Lebanon, PA. and realized how much things had changed. It was truely not the idealic sweet little town I grew up in. Things were dirtier, darker and just not what I remembered. I knew a song would come from it for I noticed the same thing in towns as well. I was all set to write the music and lyrics when I felt God speaking to me, Every other X-TERRA release had one song co-written by Anne and myself and God wanted that to continue. So I wrote the music and gave just the most basic idea of what I wanted it to talk about. When I read the lyrics Anne created, I was just floored. She had mentioned all the important places in my childhood without even knowing it, particularly the skating rink (the Casino Skating Rink), the diner (the Dixie), and of course the movie theater, (the Colonial and the Academy). That was my confirmation that I had heard God correctly. The song has an ending of hope, that what really matters, "faith, hope and the love we feel" never dies. It's a beautiful song and I'm so glad to have been a part of it. I love to play this one live, "All we see will crumble into dust and fade away, but faith hope and the love we feel inside forever will remain, - Some things will never change."    



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