Throwaway World

Throwaway World


Verse 1.

Throwaway dishes throwaway cups

Throwaway bottles throwaway love

Throwaway the law just get rid of it

Throwaway your neighbor if he hits the skids



It's a throwaway world

Throwaway morals

Throwaway love

Better think twice before you throw it away


Verse 2.

Throwaway grandma if she gets too sick

Get the man top pass the law that should do the trick

Throwaway the baby before it's even born

Throwaway the Bible throwaway the Lord



God didn't throw you away

Think of the price He paid

He died that you might have life

Don't throw it away


Words by:

Robert P. Kachline

Music by:

Clinton M. Reed

Robert P. Kachline


We live in a disposable society. "Throwaway dishes throwaway cups". Unfortunately this disturbing trend has come to include human beings. The unborn, the elderly, the physically and mentally challenged are all at risk. This song, written in 1986, sad to say, is more relevant now than when it was written. For the sake of all humanity, and in obedience to the universal and eternal law of God, "thou shall not kill" let's heed it's warning. "Better think twice before you throw it away"    

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