I'm Back

I'm Back

Verse 1.

Don't Quit

Hey you have you been living afraid - afraid of who you are

Hey you I've always promised you with faith you would go far

Hey you have they been telling you you're worthless well they're wrong

Hey you - you have all you need to win your faith will make you strong

I know it ain't easy I have seen the tears you cried

All the insults and the blame you've shoved it deep inside

I'm here to tell you now your life was not for this

You're not facing this alone so scream and raise your fist - and say


I'm back and I'm not gonna fail I'm back I'm the head not the tail

I'm back You promised You'd never leave that's good enough for me

I'm back no evil will prosper with me I'm back I have a destiny

I'm back You said I'm a child of God that's good enough for me - I'm back

Verse 2.

Hey you have you been running scared your back's against the wall

Hey you the One who's protecting you is the One who made it all

Hey you there's dreams you've been hiding from afraid that you can't win

Hey you the Father who put them there says get up go out begin

The size of your struggle is the size of your reward

I won't leave you by yourself you won't face this on your own

They've written you off they say you're done but they don't see

Your faith is in the Lord above He takes it personally - now scream


I'm back I will not be afraid I'm back equipped with the gifts You gave

I'm back all those who seek You - You will never turn away

I'm back You hold the stars in hand I'm back for me You have a plan

I'm back this world You have overcome that's good enough for me - I'm back


All of your pain has brought you here you have been strengthened have no fear

All of the lies they've told can't hold you down no more

All of the dreams God put in you He gave you what you need to make come true

All that I am and all I do I trust to You I trust to You my God I trust in You


I'm back right where I need to be I'm back God do what You want with me

I'm back You love me the way I am that's good enough for me

I'm back I'm nothing without Your love I'm back please help me to trust enough

I'm back with You on my side who could ever take me down - I'm back

Words and Music by:

Bill Hunt

Flying Donut Music


"I'm Back" is a song I wrote after going through a particularly bad bout of depression. The song is all about knowing that God cares about you and even in the darkest hour He will not give you more than you can handle. Life is not about how many times you've been knocked down, it's about how many times you got back up.

"All of your pain has brought you here".         

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