Sell Anything

Sell Anything

Verse 1.

Said the merchant to the ad-man - I need your help

I'm inundated with goods - they're piled high on my shelf

It's a retailer's nightmare - I must soon rectify

Sales are low business is slow - I need to know the reason why


Verse 2.

It's plan as day said the ad-man - any fool would understand

These shop worn goods - are simply not in demand

But don't worry said the ad-man - laughing with delight

You can sell anything if you package it right



Tell them it's a bargain - tell them it's a steal

That they just can't live without it - that it's got sex appeal

Human nature's drawn to trinkets - that gleam and glisten bright

You can sell anything if you package it right


Verse 3.

So they polished up their goods - made them sparkle and shine

Easy credit mark-down sales - priced them $9.99

Ran ads in the papers - billboards everywhere in sight

TV commercials do wonders - if you package it right


Verse 4.

Success cried the merchant - my ship's come in at last

Thanks to the power of suggestion - I've turned this trash into cash

I've learned that gimmicks fads and clever ads - seduce and entice

Got supply create demand - just learn to package it right


Verse 5.

Do you have something to sell - I don't care what it might be

Tell the consumer they must have one - manipulate their greed

Second-rate out of date - bad for your health or over priced

You can sell anything if you package it right


Words and Music by: Anne and Bob Kachline

Copyright: 1992

From the "Wolves" album by X-TERRA

Originally appeared on the album "Experience The Power" by X-TERRA


Anne's thoughts on this song: Walk through the mall. Turn on the TV or radio. Drive down the highway. Page through a newspaper or magazine. Lots of cool stuff to buy and tons and tons of junk.


Bob's thoughts: This song reflects the state of marketing in our society. 

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