We All Need A Hand To Hold

We All Need A Hand To Hold


Verse 1.

It was the summer of '73 - the last time that he saw him

Someday you'll come crawling back to me - he heard his father calling

He thought if he could hide his feelings away - in time his father's memory would fade

And he's waiting


Verse 2.

His family knows he's in a lot of pain - but he never lets them see it

They're worried but he says he's doing ok - and he tries hard to believe it

But he knows that he's been living a lie - he sees the fear inside his own child's eyes

And he's waiting



Sometimes in the night - he sees himself as a child

He's scared and so alone - he wants to talk for a while

He tries to cry but can't - there's something he was told

No matter who you are - we all need a hand to hold


Verse 3.

For the first time he's asking for help - he always was taught to keep it inside

He don't know how - but he knows he's going to try

He tells the boy - sometimes it's ok for a man to cry

And he's waiting


Words and Music by: Bill Hunt

Flying Donut Music

From the album "Wolves" by X-TERRA

Originally appeared on the EP "Coming Attractions" by '77


Bill's thoughts on this song - Sadly child abuse is largely handed down from generation to generation and the only way to break the cycle is when someone is brave enough to ask for help. No one can make it through this world alone and there is no shame in asking for help. This is the story of one man's journey from victim to abuser and finally forgiveness.

"Keeping the pain inside is not a sign of bravery....asking for help is. 






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