The Sun Will Shine Again

The Sun Will Shine Again


Verse 1.

Let me tell you a story 'bout a guy named Gordy back in 1963

Born in New York City no his life wasn't pretty 'bout as bad as it could be

The troubles that he faced each day were too much for him to swim

He might have given up on God but God didn't give up on him

As the years went by Gordy learned to survive felt someone was always near

Then on stormy night asked God into his life and he finally saw things clear

City kids have troubles that Gordy understands

He knew that he could reach them and he finally saw God's plan



I won't let you down but sometimes some rain must fall

Sometimes some rain is gonna fall

If you only put your faith in Me it'll work out in the end

This too will pass the sun will shine again


Verse 2.

There's a suitcase sittin' in the big white kitchen of a former happy home

What she thought would last now is in the past and it left her all alone

Felt like God had abandoned her her heart began to sink

But she couldn't see the big picture God cares more than you think

Though her heart was breaking and her nerves were shaken 

She taught herself to sing

How her heart went wild when she saw the smiles

And the joy her songs could bring

What she found was so much more than what she lost could ever be

It wasn't what she was looking for but exactly what she needs





Right now someone's writing the last letter of their life

You're tired and angry and lonely and you just can't make it right

You talked but no one listened looks like you've failed again

The pills are in your hand you just want the pain to end

They never understood you that's why you want to die

You waited all your life for someone to say I'm glad that your alive

Someone has been listening and knows what you've been through

He heard your prayers and seen your tears and this song is just for you

I've got a message just for you don't give up the fight

You are meant to touch someone you will change their life

Someone's out there looking for someone just like you

You need each other then you'll see God's plan in total truth

God cares and that's the truth

This song is just for you


Word and Music by Bill Hunt

Flying Donut Music

From the album "Wolves" by X-TERRA


Bill's thoughts on this song:

This song is about God's love for us, sometimes in order to get to where we need to be in life we have to go through some unpleasant things, but we can't see the big picture, only God can and God's vision of the big picture is much more beautiful than we could ever imagine. Without the painful experiences we have gone through we would not be the same people we are now. God doesn't promise it will be an easy path in life but He does promise He will help us through and never abandon us.

"This too will pass the sun will shine again"  

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