Wake Up

Wake Up

Verse 1.

Can't you smell the smoke can't you feel the heat

Don't you know you're in great danger wake up from your sleep

Can't you hear your neighbor calling calling you by name

Can't you see it's a raging inferno engulfing you in flame


Wake up the house is on fire burning with the fire of Hell

Wake up the flame's getting higher heed the warning break the spell

Get up get out while you can still escape

Wake up right now before it's too late

Verse 2.

Don't try to save your possessions get out while you can

No time for asking questions no time to make demands

This is no false alarm shake of complacency

Every moment is of the essence your life's in jeopardy


Words and Music by: Anne E. Kachline

Copyright 1989

From the album "Wolves"

Originally appeared on the album "Experience The Power" by X-TERRA released in 1992


Thoughts from Anne about this song:

"This world is like a burning building with many asleep inside. Those who see the danger must sound the warning".

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