Verse 1.

They look so good - seems they do everything right

Like their father the devil - they come as angels of light

Every letter of the law - they seem to obey

But inside they're ravenous wolves - don't listen to a word they say



Wolves in sheep's clothing - wicked cruel and vain

Everywhere they go - they bring trouble and shame

Like white washed tombs - they look beautiful to men

But they're filled with dead men's bones - death and filthiness within


Verse 2.

They take your money - and they waste your time

Hypocrites and liars - they poison your mind

Brazen and corrupt - they lead many astray

They beguile the weak - on the lonely they prey



How shall you know them - you'll know them by their fruit

Can a fig tree bear thorns - or sweet come from bitter root

They'll devour the widow's mite - proud and covetous of heart

They'll make merchandise of you - and then tear you apart




Words and Music by: Anne E. Kachline

Copyright 1994

From the album "Wolves" by X-TERRA

Also appeared on "The Red Album" by X-TERRA

Originally appeared on "New Terrain" by X-TERRA


Anne's thoughts on this song:

The wolf is a predator. Sheep are prey. Our world is full of predators disguised as the very ones they prey on. They are in all walks of life but are especially vicious when they are false spiritual leaders. Jesus warned us about them in the Scriptures. (Matthew 7:15)