Reap Sow

Reap Sow


Hey brother don't you know

You will reap what you sow

What goes around comes around justice is slow

Good or evil what you plant is going to grow

Verse 1.

What have you sown in your field what have you planted in your garden

Is it love from a heart that's pure is it hate from a heart that's hardened

What will be the fruit of your life when harvest time is come

Tares or wheat bitter or sweet what will you reap when day is done

Verse 2.

What blossoms on your vine what springs forth from your ground

What you diligently cultivate shall ripen and abound

What will be the reward of your labor what will be the first fruit of your toil

What you nourish with your hand will flourish in your land thrive in fertile soil


Sow the wind reap the whirlwind sow your wild oats reap tragedy and shame

Sow sin reap emptiness within sow compassion you'll reap the same

Don't be deceived God is not mocked whatever you sow so will you reap

Sow to the flesh reap corruption sow to the Spirit reap life eternally

Words and Music by:

Anne E. Kachline

Copyright 1996

In the natural world, like produces like. Tomato seeds produce tomatoes, apple seeds, apples, grapes seeds grapes, weeds, weeds, thorns thorns, each after its own kind.

The same is true in the spiritual world, like produces like. Seeds of kindness produce kindness, compassion, compassion, hatred, hatred, each after its kind.

So if you want to reap good things in your life, sow good things. As in the natural world, it may take some time to see the seeds grow to maturity, but they will.

My prayer is that each of us will "Sow to the Spirit and reap life eternally"       



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